Review: Gimp- Best free image editor

What we have here is some great free software for editing pictures.  Gimp is hands down the best free image editor available.

With all the features of Photoshop but with the free price tag its hard to beat gimp.

Some of the best features of gimp include advanced settings such as 32-bit color support and non-destructive editing.  One really cool part about gimp is using the filters on your pictures.  There are many many different filters all with unique effects ( try the cartoonize or pastel filters).

Gimp is an open source software hence the reason why it is free, but if you enjoy their product they are always accepting donations.  Open source software is what keeps the internet flowing.

image editor

An older version of gimp in action

One downfall of gimp is the learning curve.  Just like Photoshop the first time you open this image editor it is easy to feel overwhelmed.  Unless you know exactly what you want to do its hard to navigate your way around.  I would recommend checking out some guides before you get started on a project.

Overall Gimp is a solid image editor for new to intermediate photo editors.  It may not be as fluid as Photoshop but if you know what your doing it is just as good.  If you are looking for a photo editor to get started with you can choose Gimp with confidence.

You can download gimp here